We offer up to 10Gb/s circuits from all the major UK carriers which are suitable for direct access, MPLS VPNs and point-to-point connections.

V12 Ethernet

We offer up to 10Gb/s circuits from all the major UK carriers that are suitable for direct access, MPLS VPNs and point-to-point connections. All our leased line circuits come with free installation and a managed Cisco router.

V12 Ethernet circuits can be used as direct connections to the internet or for linking UK sites with others in the UK and abroad.

Our circuits are uncontended, full duplex, symmetrical connections that deliver guaranteed up time and performance service level agreements.

Ethernet Service List

  • Uncontended 1:1 bandwidth

  • Available in sizes from 10Mbs to 10Gbs

  • Scalable – circuits can be ‘throttled’ up and down as required

  • VoIP compatible

  • Ideal for running Cloud Services

  • Fixed IP address

  • 99.98% circuit uptime

  • Service Level Agreement – 5 hour target fix

Ethernet leased lines

Features and potential benefits

  • Private circuit – Secure communications. Your business data remains secure over your own private circuit protected by your defences against intruders, hardware and software failures.

  • Fast access with application prioritisation (QoS) – We offer reliable and highly consistent bandwidth to support technologies like voice and cloud-based services with symmetric speeds of up to 10Gb/s. We are able to prioritise certain applications over others, to and from your offices, this means that you can run high definition voice with no fear of the quality being impacted by sudden surges in data downloads or uploads.

  • Highly scalable – If you want to connect other offices or remote workers to any site, you can do so simply by ordering another V12 circuit. To increase your circuit speed you can simply up or downgrade as required.

  • Real-time reporting – You have access to a portal 24/7 showing you exactly what is happening on your network. This helps you too plan for the future and self-diagnose performance issues before involving technical support.

  • 5-hour target fix time – Moving your telephone calls and business applications to the cloud is a big step so having a quick fix time is essential. We target a 5-hour fix.


“OpSec is an extremely dynamic organisation that has to make a lot of IT choices at short notice, so I have to be ready for anything. With V12, and the professional support of Charles and his team, I know that I can deliver what my company needs, when it needs it.”

Andrew McGuigan, EMEA/APAC IT Manager – OpSec Security

“It was extremely easy. We basically supplied our company details and were able to offer phone services, leased lines or other connectivity to our customers straight away. It was completely seamless to set up.” 

Chris Taylor Reed, Managing Director - Auckland Micro

“The thing I like most about V12 is that a person answers the telephone, and that’s the key thing for me: I call V12 and I can talk to the managing director or another member of the team and then things happen quickly. They’re very efficient, easy to talk to, cost effective, and easy to get hold of.”

Miles Russell, Practice Manager - The George Veterinary Group

“The solution I got was very quick and effective and I believe so far from my experience with communications companies and telephone companies that with that we’ve managed to get the best possible on the market now”.

Rachid Ghalaine, Operations Manager - Brixton Village

Calling All Resellers

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