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A unique Microsoft Teams Direct Routing solution with Per User Pricing and Unlimited UK Minutes


Direct Routing for Microsoft Teams

At V12 telecom we have developed a Direct Routing for Microsoft Teams solution which provides users with PSTN voice calls. Our Direct Routing solution has been deployed internationally in a number of sectors including Oil & Gas, Technology and Telecoms; it’s also significantly more user-friendly and cost-effective than the current Microsoft Calling Plan.

Make sure your business is not left behind as Microsoft phases out Skype for Business – now is the right time to ensure you have an effective alternative in place through V12.

If you’re interested in a great value, easy to deploy, direct routing solution contact us today.

Why Choose V12 as your Direct Routing for Microsoft Teams provider

Commercially Compelling

  • Per user pricing – simple and intuitive for any Microsoft Teams user

  • Unlimited UK minutes are included – a unique package from V12

  • Inbound and outbound international calls can be made to 150 countries around the world – making this one of the best calling plans on the market

  • Standard and freephone numbers are available

A Quality Solution

  • Our Direct Routing solution is delivered via Tier 1 carrier grade infrastructure

  • We are fully compliant with Microsoft requirements

  • No onsite hardware required

  • Our International SIP trunks are designed for high volume wholesale use and can be terminated anywhere in the world

Pain Free Transition

  • V12 will ensure exactly what is needed to migrate any existing solution to ensure a seamless transition

  • We can connect any MS Teams user to voice whether they are using an onsite PBX, an alternative VOIP product or Skype for Business

  • V12 has decades of expertise in number provision and porting

Direct Routing for Microsoft Teams

Calling All Resellers

We offer a generous commission to all resellers who wish to take our solutions to their clients. We pay commission monthly and do not operate a rebate scheme. Register here to keep updated. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the questions we get asked about Direct Routing, if you still have questions please contact us or view our blogs on what Direct Routing is and how it will help you get more from Microsoft teams & why companies are adopting Direct Routing for making voice calls with Microsoft Teams.

What are the advantages to businesses migrating to voice with MS Teams?2019-03-11T09:47:59+00:00
  • MS Teams makes voice/ telephony extremely simple for Enterprise and business users
  • MS Teams with voice improves worker productivity, positively impacts culture and collaboration – within and beyond an organisation
  • This is why MS Teams is the fastest adopted Microsoft product ever
How Does Direct Routing Work?2019-03-11T09:53:07+00:00

There are two ways of making calls from MS Teams

  • Microsoft Calling Plan
  • Direct Routing

Direct Routing allows users of Microsoft Teams to make calls through a telecoms provider such as V12, rather than Microsoft.

  • In the traditional model, customers would purchase, install and configure a Session Border Controller (SBC) from a Microsoft Certified partner. Once installed the SBC would then be connected to Microsoft Teams via SIP trunks and require maintenance and support throughout its life.
  • Choosing V12 as your supplier removes the need for any onsite SBC hardware as this functionality takes place in the cloud. The upshot is a simple, per user model with no ongoing maintenance or support requirements.



What Microsoft 365 licence do you need to access Direct Routing?2020-05-27T10:13:27+01:00

• Microsoft 365 Business + Microsoft 365 Business Voice without Calling Plan

• E1/E3 + Microsoft 365 Business Voice without Calling Plan

• E5 (compatible with Direct Routing as standard)

Once you have the appropriate licence, you simply need to add Direct Routing from V12.

Bespoke Microsoft licences are available for organisations involved in Education and the Non Profit sector; these licences require the addition of Microsoft Business Voice without Calling Plan in order to access Direct Routing.

Can Direct Routing operate with existing equipment?2019-03-11T09:49:37+00:00


  • By integrating with an existing PBX, pilot users can be moved to Calling in Teams while users remain on their legacy PBX. Eventually all users can be easily transitioned to Calling in Teams. The call traffic between these users during the transition stays within the organisation.
  • While users are being transitioned to Calling in Teams, Call Centre agents can continue to use their application; Direct Routing enables both users to coexist. The call traffic between call centre agents and Teams users stays within the organisation.
Can Direct Routing accomodate analogue Devices?2019-03-11T09:50:13+00:00


  • If you have analogue devices such as lift phones, these devices can be connected to Teams and Phone System via Direct Routing. Call traffic between analogue devices and Teams users stays within the organization.
Are Desk phones and Conference phones compatible with Teams?2019-03-11T09:51:54+00:00

Yes, Microsoft have announced a selection of approved devices from a number of manufacturers covering the following:

• Desk Phones
• Room Phones
• Mobile Phone Stations


“It was extremely easy. We basically supplied our company details and were able to offer phone services, leased lines or other connectivity to our customers straight away. It was completely seamless to set up.” 

Chris Taylor Reed, Managing Director - Auckland Micro

“The thing I like most about V12 is that a person answers the telephone, and that’s the key thing for me: I call V12 and I can talk to the managing director or another member of the team and then things happen quickly. They’re very efficient, easy to talk to, cost effective, and easy to get hold of.”

Miles Russell, Practice Manager - The George Veterinary Group

“The solution I got was very quick and effective and I believe so far from my experience with communications companies and telephone companies that with that we’ve managed to get the best possible on the market now”.

Rachid Ghalaine, Operations Manager - Brixton Village

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