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Mobile Broadband
Data plans for mobile devices are essential for allowing your employees to stay connected to our business, wherever they are.

V12 Mobile Broadband

Multi Network Data Plans

Mobile broadband data plans are essential for allowing your employees to stay connected to your business, wherever they are. Having the wrong plan can result in massive additional bills for data usage and so having experts who can guide you through the selection process is essential. We build tariffs and plans specifically for your business, including plans with multiple network data SIM cards, ensuring you always have the best coverage and that you get everything you need without paying for the stuff you don’t. Additionally we can look at your existing bills from another provider and tell you what savings could be made. If you think you’re being charged too much for data usage or if you’re receiving unusually high bill, we can help. Our data plans aren’t just for phones, we can provide data plans for tablets, including unlimited BT and O2 wifi hotspot access, from less than £10 per month, allowing your mobile workforce to stay in contact with your business and on top of their work.


“It was extremely easy. We basically supplied our company details and were able to offer phone services, leased lines or other connectivity to our customers straight away. It was completely seamless to set up.” 

Chris Taylor Reed, Managing Director - Auckland Micro

“The thing I like most about V12 is that a person answers the telephone, and that’s the key thing for me: I call V12 and I can talk to the managing director or another member of the team and then things happen quickly. They’re very efficient, easy to talk to, cost effective, and easy to get hold of.”

Miles Russell, Practice Manager - The George Veterinary Group

“The solution I got was very quick and effective and I believe so far from my experience with communications companies and telephone companies that with that we’ve managed to get the best possible on the market now”.

Rachid Ghalaine, Operations Manager - Brixton Village

Calling All Resellers

We offer a generous commission to all resellers who wish to take our solutions to their clients. We pay commission monthly and do not operate a rebate scheme. Register here to keep updated. 

V12 Latest Case Studies

We work with a variety of different organisations across the UK and around the world. Read our Case Studies to find out how we’ve helped our clients improve their businesses through our data, mobile and voice solutions. 

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