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Multi-Network Data SIM Cards

You need the best connectivity possible, no matter where you are in the world.


No single network has flawless coverage or service and so when it comes to complex or mission-critical connectivity solutions, basic SIM cards leave you exposed. You need the best connectivity possible, no matter where you are.

Why do I need a multi-network data SIM?
If your company relies on cellular coverage to communicate remotely with machinery or for crucial maintenance and the mobile network fails, you have a significant problem. At V12 we offer a solution to that problem with our multi-network data SIM.

What is a multi-network data SIM?
It’s a data SIM card that operates on more than one mobile network, in fact it has the ability to connect to up to three networks. Multi-network data SIMs are in a stage of explosive growth due to the huge number of uses they have, anything from taxis, pumps and turbines, to CCTV cameras, air conditioning units and alarms. These SIMs allow your business to communicate remotely and get feedback from anywhere; they can be used in tablets, routers and all manner of M2M and IoT applications. The possibilities are limitless.

Key Features

  • Un-steered Multi-Network SIMs – Seamless roaming between EE, Vodafone & 3 Networks, connecting to the strongest available signal to provide you with the best possible connection

  • 4G – All network connections run over 4G providing future resilience

  • IMEI locking – We can lock SIMs to specific devices to prevent misuse. If a SIM needs to be switched to a different device, we can easily amend the IMEI Lock

  • Aggregated Data –Minimize overspend by drawing on un-used data from other SIMs

  • Resilient to Network Outages – Mobile networks suffer occasional outages and a multi-net SIM can simply switch to an alternative carrier

  • Dormant SIMs – We can ship SIMs to you in a dormant state to allow you to stockpile them. When required, they can be inserted into an active device; the SIM will begin working and we will then start billing for the active connection. This provides you with a simplified and speedy provisioning process

  • Dedicated M2M SIMs – These SIMs do not receive texts or calls, thus preventing spamming that can affect traditional mobile SIM data connections

  • Fixed IPs – Unlike most single network data SIMs, our multi network SIMs can have public and private static IP addresses allocated for additional flexibility and security


“OpSec is an extremely dynamic organisation that has to make a lot of IT choices at short notice, so I have to be ready for anything. With V12, and the professional support of Charles and his team, I know that I can deliver what my company needs, when it needs it.”

Andrew McGuigan, EMEA/APAC IT Manager – OpSec Security

“It was extremely easy. We basically supplied our company details and were able to offer phone services, leased lines or other connectivity to our customers straight away. It was completely seamless to set up.” 

Chris Taylor Reed, Managing Director - Auckland Micro

“The thing I like most about V12 is that a person answers the telephone, and that’s the key thing for me: I call V12 and I can talk to the managing director or another member of the team and then things happen quickly. They’re very efficient, easy to talk to, cost effective, and easy to get hold of.”

Miles Russell, Practice Manager - The George Veterinary Group

“The solution I got was very quick and effective and I believe so far from my experience with communications companies and telephone companies that with that we’ve managed to get the best possible on the market now”.

Rachid Ghalaine, Operations Manager - Brixton Village

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